Walk of Life begins 2016

I will begin the year singing my story on my upcoming single Walk of Life, which will be released on 29.01.2016. The song is about hope and encouragement to people from all walks of life. Do you trust your vision and let your gifts guide you? Are you following your calling?

To me being a musician is often imagining that I am like a painter, who paints his vision on canvas. I reflect on the form, colors, texture and of course, the vibe. What does it say to me?  How does it make me feel? Why does it matter?

The single comes with a music video. We shot the music video in London and I had the pleasure to incorporate a real painter in my video. His name is Benjamin Hope. You can check out his great works from here.

Walk of Life is available for preorder in iTunes.

Preorder Walk of Life from iTunes

The Gambit - Walk of Life