Press release: The Gambit reveals his key success factors in his new autobiographical single

Today Finnish rap & soul artist The Gambit releases his new, autobiographical single, Walk of Life, in which he reveals the highs and lows of his music career path and his key success factors.

With his song The Gambit encourages his listeners to follow their calling and to hold on to hope. He states that he created the song with the following purpose in mind:

“Each of us has a calling, which gives us the greatest joy. When we follow our calling, we encounter along the way, however, struggles and challenges that we need to overcome to succeed. In difficult moments, we need hope that helps us to believe in ourselves and in our dreams. With my song I want to encourage others to also succeed by paying forward the gift that I have received. “

The Gambit is also engaged in charitable co-operation with his song Walk of Life. More information will be provided next week.

Listen on Spotify: